When You Use Twitter in 2020 

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Why can't I look away... what's wrong with me?!
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17. 07. 2020





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CircleToonsHD Před 16 dny
if you hate yourself and like to ruin your days on twitter, follow me here! twitter.com/CircleToonsHD
Imbopam Před 3 dny
@Ciruttai don't tell me you actually do use cigarettes though
Ciruttai Před 3 dny
i got banned from twitter. i make dumb songs. getting banned from that platform was like being forced to quit cigarettes, that place is like a dumpster fire that you JUST WANNA STARE AT MORE.
Wolf Serenity
Wolf Serenity Před 3 dny
wheres the cake?
Darth hrongl
Darth hrongl Před 5 dny
Do a DOOM review
Imbopam Před 6 dny
I don't need twitter
the scarlet king
the scarlet king Před hodinou
ZacAttack Před 2 hodinami
slug aids
GOLDEN ME Před 3 hodinami
Don’t forget about Facebook with 40 year old white moms with healing crystals
TCn TheClassicnathan
TCn TheClassicnathan Před 5 hodinami
Tbh I only joined Twitter to follow digital artists that I like but man does it suck when there's more angry text based posts in your feed then there is actual art. Like hot damn does everyone have to be in a bad mood or bash on something? It's gotten to the point where I feel like I'm just going to get slapped with a PNG of a middlefinger just from logging in. Your better off deleting your Twitter account and just going on DeviantArt if anything. Also love the video!
dReliq Před 6 hodinami
Got any room on that bench?
XCubeX Před 8 hodinami
Lagarto Verde
Lagarto Verde Před 9 hodinami
Why did I hear 'racing slugs' as 'racist slangs'?
FR Studio
FR Studio Před 9 hodinami
Already doing away with Tik tok. Next should be twitter
HampyTiger Před 10 hodinami
I deleted twitter cause of how much bs and stress it gave me. People need to chill
In long run we are all dead
In long run we are all dead Před 11 hodinami
Lol subtitles. Having fun (dead inside)
Oscar Bergqvist
Oscar Bergqvist Před 12 hodinami
Twitter is design in a way that makes it nigh impossible to have thoughtfull discourse. It leaves us no better than monkeys flinging feces at each other.
Stanko Alajbeg
Stanko Alajbeg Před 13 hodinami
venom 251
venom 251 Před 20 hodinami
TurboCMinusMinus Před 22 hodinami
I only use Twitter to say nice and encouraging things to celebrities I like. Some of them have blocked me for it.
Katherine Kass
Katherine Kass Před dnem
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit
Twitter became toxic because of coronavirus or something else hmm
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit Před 2 hodinami
@SirDoughnut123 I will join too
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit Před 2 hodinami
@SirDoughnut123 are you doing roleplay
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit
Obi Wan Kenobi Pondit Před 2 hodinami
@SirDoughnut123 really
SirDoughnut123 Před 2 hodinami
I have chest hairs
SirDoughnut123 Před 2 hodinami
Nice bro
Adystyo Koputra
Adystyo Koputra Před dnem
Protip: watch twitter compilations on youtube instead. This way the content will be filtered.
Arya pradipta
Arya pradipta Před dnem
So uh, I got cancelled because I said "ok miss" In front of the teacher Karens.... Ya hate to see it
British boi
British boi Před dnem
Boop Snoot
Boop Snoot Před dnem
Twitter is the Florida of the internet.
Evan Turzanski
Evan Turzanski Před dnem
No different then FB
Nate Před 2 dny
Dude you forgot the “ c h i n a “
First name Last name
That's why I only use Twitter for porn and memes.
songbird studio
songbird studio Před 2 dny
Really man...how are you in a park that's so fake
Project Dusk
Project Dusk Před 2 dny
Actual facts lol. Please someone hear my prayers and shut down Twitter lol.
Fox Faeez
Fox Faeez Před 2 dny
Isn't this twitter in general? Like 24-7-365?
Kun Kun
Kun Kun Před 2 dny
So like its actually 4pm what the heck
W.D gaster
W.D gaster Před 2 dny
It’ll be a dark day in hell before I give up slug racing
LlamaLad Před 2 dny
I only have twitter to see what events come up and funny youtubers but god its such a mess
Lewis Před 2 dny
I wish we could just reset twitter and try again.
D Griffin
D Griffin Před 2 dny
Hence why I don't use Twitter & generally avoid it like the plague
maurice meerts
maurice meerts Před 3 dny
good now do facebook 2020 i still use it and its good but not too bad it has some flaws like them fucking up the overvieuw again and again
Jmataions Před 3 dny
I love how one of the people in the Twitter feed is just having an asthma attack
Big Becca6
Big Becca6 Před 3 dny
Yeah... who who do that *sweats because I downloaded twitter in July...*
329link Před 3 dny
Here's how to deal with twitter; don't interact. Don't even look at other posts. Remain entirely isolated within your page and ONLY post screenshots and clips from your switch. MAYBE check out replies sometimes. That's how I do it. I got no followers ('cept my sister) and hardly anyone sees what I post but dammit I'm happy. I looked at a tag once and almost immediately hated life. Never again.
LargeBlueCircle Před 3 dny
Twitter is like Philly in the 90's. If you find a good area, theres nice stores, nice people, its a nice area. I like it. then you go ONE STREET OVER AND-
Mark Simmons
Mark Simmons Před 3 dny
They aren’t social distancing very well
Tanner Russell
Tanner Russell Před 3 dny
But who won the slug race?
Panda Games
Panda Games Před 3 dny
Welcome to Twitter the platform where you can get canceled for no reason and where everyone has less braincells than Patrick star how would you like to rate us?
Lincoln With His Top Hat Stand
You can't even make a joke about racing slugs at this point. Like, you'll be offended by anything if you're looking to be offended.
ItsText YT
ItsText YT Před 4 dny
this is twitter on 2050
Komasan Gamer
Komasan Gamer Před 4 dny
For a second I thought it said this video was made a year ago.
pizzarella Před 4 dny
imagine not using twitter to follow japanese artists because they prefer this platform to any other for whatever reason lololololol
Dude Wtf
Dude Wtf Před 4 dny
Twitter is just filled with furries and anime stuff
Model_art 65
Model_art 65 Před 4 dny
Welcome to my world or year welcome to hell everyone
P-I-P-E `
P-I-P-E ` Před 4 dny
Why is this so accurate?
Wah Too bad
Wah Too bad Před 4 dny
I’ve never had a Twitter or any social media for that matter,but I’d guess this is what would happen to me if I got Twitter or any kind of social media.
bacon animation
bacon animation Před 4 dny
Vershaud Taylor
Vershaud Taylor Před 4 dny
666k views huh......this appears to be a problem....
Calamari_man Před 4 dny
Dorito King
Dorito King Před 4 dny
Evil number
Adison Lesneski
Adison Lesneski Před 4 dny
Ayy...666k views
Despacito spider
Despacito spider Před 4 dny
The Buds
The Buds Před 4 dny
I’m watching this when there 666k views
Son of a Pirate
Son of a Pirate Před 4 dny
Buzzfeed, Huffpost, Twitter, all we need dead now is Hollywood
TheBreadBoy Před 4 dny
When you find out maps exist
ITZMrBlue Před 4 dny
and thats how they became friends
Beemy Breezy
Beemy Breezy Před 4 dny
I never knew I could an entire bottle of fruit shoot in 46 seconds